Sports Psychology: Selection Dilemmas & Not Making The Team

 “Selection dilemmas: Not making the team THIS week.”It’s late in the week and squads for the weekend fixtures are on the notice board. “Will my name be in the A-squad starting line-up, the reserve bench or have I been dropped?”

Champions Bounce Back Better From Failure!

At the Champion Academy, we have noted a common pattern and a common effect that failure has on a champion’s mind-set and performance. This...

DHS Addresses Speculation Why Glenwood Ties Cut

In an attempt to address the speculation as to why DHS has cut ties with Glenwood and will no longer be engaging in any sporting or cultural fixtures with their neighbour...

Curro Hillcrest’s Future Sport Ambitions

The amount of Co-educational schools in the country that can compete against the traditional monastic schools in the sporting arena can be counted on one hand.

Doping in Sports – How to Protect Yourself

Doping in sport and especially in school sports has become an ever growing trend. As young adults and aspiring athletes it is important to protect yourself and prevent your career from ending before it even starts. Doping at a young age can bring an end to any aspirations you may have to compete on the biggest stages and excel at the sport you love.

The Double Edged Sword of Participation Trophies

All over the country, indeed all over the world, many more kids are growing up receiving trophy after trophy, medal after medal, ribbon after ribbon for every sports season, science fair and spelling competition they participate in.

Parents: The Subliminal Power Of Positive Cheering

We have all heard it and even said it before, phrases of encouragement directed towards young athletes with phrases like, “dig a little deeper” or “you have to want it more than they do” or, ideally, “be mentally tough.”  

10 Parents You Want to Avoid at School Sports Events!

“The greatest burden a child must bear is the unlived life of its parents.” The above quote came from Carl Jung, the famed Swiss psychologist....

Rugby: The Paul Roos Rugby Philosophy

SA School Sports Magazine spoke to Paul Roos director of rugby Ryno Combrinck and asked the school’s rugby mentor to tell us about their success in winning the Sanix international rugby competition in Japan earlier this season.

Bech: A SA Schoolboy Coaching Legend

One Michael Brian Bechet needs no introduction in SA schoolboy sporting circles. On and off the hockey Astro there is little that the man, universally know quite simply as “Bech” has not done.