Doping in Sports – How to Protect Yourself


Doping in sport and especially in school sports has become an ever growing trend. As young adults and aspiring athletes it is important to protect yourself and prevent your career from ending before it even starts. Doping at a young age can bring an end to any aspirations you may have to compete on the biggest stages and excel at the sport you love.

The most important thing you can do to protect yourself and your career is to educate yourself on all aspects of anti doping and all the possible ramifications of testing positive for a banned substance. It is not always easy to know what substances are currently on the banned list or even what the complex scientific name of the substance is.

Take supplements for example, everyone uses them and often they are recommended by friends, family or even your coaches and given the roles they play in your life and your career you would generally trust the advice they give you. Sadly this is exactly how athletes find themselves in difficult situations that have the potential to affect and even end their careers.

Supplements aren’t always safe to use in the context of doping and it is extremely important that prior to using a supplement that you consult with a doctor or expert on the exact contents of that supplement and the potential risks of using it. Sometimes the ingredient on the bottle doesn’t correspond with the scientific name on the banned list and it is very easy to miss certain contaminants that someone without a trained eye wouldn’t think to look for.

“Checking the ingredients list and even having your supplements tested prior to taking them can save you time and money in the future and prevent a possible ADRV. Doping can have a huge affect on your career. The team at Javelin Sports can guide you through the whole process and their expert knowledge made a huge difference in my career.”-

Gordon Gilbert – Ex Kaizer Chiefs Football Player

At Javelin Sports Consulting our admitted attorneys can represent athletes at any doping disciplinary hearings for doping violations or for any Therapeutic Use Exemption applications. We provide comprehensive anti doping education to schools, athletes and parents and we are perfectly positioned to stand in your corner for all matters relating to doping. 

Prevention is better than a cure and this cannot be truer than in the case of doping. The World Anti Doping Agency has a strict liability policy when an ADRV is confirmed, a 4 year ban is placed on an athlete and only after such ban is implemented can an expert attorney argue in mitigation of such sentence.

The #JavelinTeam has extensive experience in assisting athletes with anti-doping education and representation should you find yourself in a position where you have been sanctioned.

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