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Ané janse van Vuuren: A Hockey Talent Par Excellence

For any high school athlete to get selected to play for their First Team whilst still only in Grade 8 is a huge achievement....

Girls Hockey: The First Team Rankings for 2021

After a long, long wait school hockey is being played throughout the country and although there are still several top teams yet to play...

Tennis: Donna le Roux No.1 is SA

The 13-year-old Donna le Roux from the Oranje Meisies finds herself in the no.1position on Tennis South Africa's rankings for u14 players.   Earlier in...

Hockey: All the results from this week: 14/03/2020

The hockey results from across the country.

Hockey: All the results from this week: 7/03/2020

The Boys and Girls hockey results from across the country. After a very busy weekend of high school hockey and some tough competition between  sports...

Girls Hockey: The Final Top 90 Rankings of 2019

The final whistle has been blown on this year’s hockey season which has produced some fiercely contested matches with many more teams joining the...

Girls U16 Hockey: This Week’s Top 60 Rankings: 9/08/2019

The annual U16 Top Schools Tournament begins this week and we are sure to see some great hockey from the leading girl’s teams who will be hosted by Paarl Gim.

Girls Hockey: This Week’s Top 90 Rankings: 2/08/2019

This Week’s Girl’s TurfTech Top 90 Hockey Rankings.

Girls U16 Hockey: This Week’s Top 60 Rankings: 26/07/2019

The U16 Girl’s Top 60 Rankings for this week.

Girls Hockey: This Week’s Girls Top 90 Rankings: 19/07/2019

After a fairly busy resumption of the season with the annual Cape Town International Festival held last week which saw Pearson enjoying a successful tournament, we are still looking at a very stable table for this week’s Girls Top 90 Rankings.