The REC Voted As Best Sports Field

It is a field that has been dubbed “The House of Pain” ,holds more than 90 years of memories and has produced seven international...

Doping in Sports – How to Protect Yourself

Doping in sport and especially in school sports has become an ever growing trend. As young adults and aspiring athletes it is important to protect yourself and prevent your career from ending before it even starts. Doping at a young age can bring an end to any aspirations you may have to compete on the biggest stages and excel at the sport you love.

Bech: A SA Schoolboy Coaching Legend

One Michael Brian Bechet needs no introduction in SA schoolboy sporting circles. On and off the hockey Astro there is little that the man, universally know quite simply as “Bech” has not done.

Parents: The Subliminal Power Of Positive Cheering

We have all heard it and even said it before, phrases of encouragement directed towards young athletes with phrases like, “dig a little deeper” or “you have to want it more than they do” or, ideally, “be mentally tough.”  

Sports Psychology: A Letter to Parents

Dear Parents of talented athletes

Sprint For Size?

You just have to watch the athletics on TV to see what I am talking about, as the camera pans across the sprinters in...

Steroids: Expelled Kearsney Pupil, Appeals to Courts

Kearsney College acted decisively against a Grade 11 learner this month that was tested positive for the steroid Sustanon, by expelling the boy. The learner...

Top “All-Rounder” Sport Rankings?

  We were interested at trying to find out which boy school’s are amongst the top “all-rounders” in South Africa when it came to school...

Sports Psychology: Selection Dilemmas: Not Making The Team

 “Selection dilemmas: Not making the team THIS week.”It’s late in the week and squads for the weekend fixtures are on the notice board. “Will my name be in the A-squad starting line-up, the reserve bench or have I been dropped?”

Where is the Best School Sports Arena? 2016 Edition

There was a tremendous response to last year’s poll to find which school sports field was the best. The REC at Queen’s College took...