Tennis: Kearsney College Annual Invitational Tennis Festival – Results of Day 1, 2 and 3.


                                              GAME, SET, MATCH

The festival showcased the strength of tennis amongst aspiring youngsters from schools across the country.  It has become a highlight on the national schools’ tennis calendar, and an exciting and high standard of tennis was evident from the SA’s top junior players.

Day 1 Results: Morning Matches

Pretoria Boys beat Kearsney 5-4

Grey College beat Westville Boys High 7-2

Paul Roos beat Clifton 7-2

Affies beat Rondesbosch Boys 8-1

Afternoon Matches:

Clifton beat Affies 5-4

Paul Roos beat Rondesbosch 8-1

Grey beat Kearsney 8-1

Westville beat Pretoria Boys 9-0

Day 2 Results: Morning Matches

Paul Roos beat Affies 8-1

Clifton beat Rondebosch 6-3

Grey College beat Pretoria Boys 8-1

Westville beat Kearsney 9-0

Afternoon Matches:

Clifton beat Kearsney 5-4

Paul Roos beat Westville 6-0

Rondebosch beat Pretoria Boys 6-3

Grey beat Affies 6-3

Day 3 Results: Morning Matches

Paul Roos beat Grey College 6-1

Westville beat Affies 6-3

Clifton beat Rondebosch Boys 5-4

Pretoria Boys beat Kearsney 5-4

Overall results:

Winners – Paul Roos

2 – Grey College

3 – Westville Boys High

4 – Affies

5 – Clifton

6 – Rondebosch Boys High

7 – Pretoria Boys

8 – Kearsney College



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