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21 Day Lock down Poll: Which is the Best School Sports Field in SA?

Perhaps the school sports fields will lay undisturbed for many weeks before players grace them again.But that doesn’t mean those hallowed pieces of turf...

New Feature: Michaelhouse


New Feature: Maritzburg College

Situated in the province’s capital, Pietermaritzburg.

What is a Coaching Philosophy- Part 3

In this series of articles/blogs on Building a Coaching Philosophy, I am urging Coaches to document their approach to coaching....

Confidence Lost – Vicious Downward Spiral or Upward Spiral? – Part 2

Last week I stated that confidence can be brittle and fragile, and it needs to be intentionally and systematically rebuilt. Here are...

New Feature: Holy Rosary School

Holy Rosary School encourages team spirit and school pride in their sports programme.

Sports Psychology: Confidence Part 1

Confidence Defined - The textbook definition of self-confidence is ‘the strength of belief in one’s ability to perform a task.’...

New Feature: Curro Hillcrest

Curro Hillcrest is an independent co-educational school situated in Hillcrest, KZN. This school upholds Christian values and norms.