Holy Rosary School for Girls

holy Rosary school

Holy Rosary School encourages team spirit and school pride in their sports programme.

Holy Rosary is a girl’s school in Edenvale, where they nurture the girl’s god given talents and potential in an environment of educational excellence. However, the girls education expands beyond the classroom- through sport, culture, spirituality and service – they are given the opportunities to develop further skills, and the guidance and tools to lead happy, balanced and successful lives,

Holy Rosary encourages team spirit and school pride in their sports programme. They strive to foster physical fitness and well-being. Sport is an important part of the school’s all-encompassing and balanced education which develops body, soul and mind. Their girls are encouraged to participate in at least one sport per season. Their girls hold national and provincial colours in several sports. Competitive Sports offered: Athletics, Hockey, Netball, Rowing, Swimming and Tennis.

  • Sports scholarships are awarded based on merit.
  • They host two netball festivals – Grade 3-4, and Grade 5-7, and attend several festivals.
  • Sporting facilities: Our sports facilities, which are separate from the main school grounds, include a small gym, two hockey fields, a 25m pool, 9 netball courts, and 9 tennis courts as well as an Astroturf.