How DNA tests can help athletes.


With a DNA test specifically designed for athletes you can discover your athletic potential and realise the ultimate training regime using your genetic results. DNA test results for runners and other athletes can determine numerous genetic predispositions and potential strengths which can be used to tailor a training routine and even a diet to your individual needs as an athlete. Read on to find out how a GENESPORT™ DNA test for sporting success can help you as a recreational or professional athlete to reach your fitness goals.

Discover the Fuel your Body Needs to Maximise Performance!

An important factor in determining the success of your sporting career or fitness regime is to find out what foods, supplements, and vitamins you need to be consuming to boost your athletic potential. A DNA test for sports can help you discover the preferred fuel and energy source your body needs during exercise to get the best results. Important information like this can be gleaned from your genetics through a DNA test for sporting success.

Determine what your Weaknesses are to Prevent Certain Injuries.

Another amazing benefit of getting a DNA test done for sports is the fact that you are able to find out the risk your body has for inflammation as well as your susceptibility to injury and your required recovery time thereafter. By discovering what your weaknesses and predispositions to certain conditions and injuries are, you can choose a training regime which will make use of your strengths as opposed to your weaknesses. You can similarly take preventative measures to further safeguard your health based on your injury and inflammation risks and take measures to strengthen your weak points.

Find out which Sport and Training Routines you will be Most Successful at!

The most exciting part of getting a DNA test done is that you can find out what your genetic endurance and power potential is in order to determine the training regimes you should be using to reach your personal best. Focus on sport and fitness goals that you can reach by discovering your genetic potential.

GENESPORT™ is a DNA test for sporting success which uses specifically formulated genetic results to assist you in reaching your athletic goals. These results can determine all the above-mentioned factors as well as your muscle and bone composition, your ability to deal with oxidative stress and your response to stimulants such as caffeine, among others. Contact us for more information and let GENEWAY help you conquer your unique fitness goals the way your genetics see fit.