Hockey: Exciting news at St Andrews School in Bloemfontein.

St andrews school bloemfontein

Ground breaking news at St Andrews School in Bloemfontein with the opening of a brand new FIH certified dry hockey turf system.

Polytan, a partner of the FIH (International Hockey Federation), has been developing a dry hockey solution and recently celebrated a significant milestone. Manufacturing the world’s first Carbon Zero hockey pitch!

St Andrews School now boasts owning one of the world’s FIH certified dry innovation hockey turf systems. St Andrews School’s turf is identical to the one that will be used in the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

This system utilizes Poligras Paris GT Zero, a revolutionary turf with two key features:

    • Dry hockey compatibility: Enables playing hockey without the traditional water base.
    • Carbon neutrality: Made with sustainable bio-based materials, minimizing environmental impact.

Trompie sport is proud to be part of the ground breaking event by constructing the facility and installing the carpet. The Facility is undergoing testing to potentially receive the world’s first Global Dry Certificate.

This is a significant development for the sport of hockey, promoting sustainability and potentially paving the way for a wider adoption of dry hockey surfaces.


st andrews school bloemfontein