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    Durban Girls College

Established in 1877, Durban Girls’ College is an independent, Christian school for girls from Grade 00 to Grade 12, with weekly boarding from Grade 7.

DGC’s vision is to develop significant young women who embody the values of integrity, courage, agility, respect, and empathy through a holistic education which is globally relevant. We inspire pupils to realise their potential through a dynamic educational experience built on tradition, innovation, inclusivity, and excellence. The pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit of the DGC founders remains relevant as the school embraces positive change, reform, and the best of new trends in education policy, curriculum development and teaching methods.

Durban Girls’ College is a top choice for sporty girls and shows in the Top 100 School Sports rankings for 2023, placing DGC 1st in KwaZulu-Natal and 2nd in South Africa. Our Water Polo 1st Team placed 1st at the National Aquatics Festival in February 2024 and our Swimming Team placed 3rd. At the recent High School D&D Gala held at Kings Park in March 2024, our Swimming Team placed 2nd.

Achieving excellence requires a holistic and collaborative approach to create an environment where educational excellence thrives in academics, culture, and sports. Last year, there were several upgrades to the campus — the acquisition of a generator, the upgrade of the IT infrastructure, the building of a pavilion on the grandstands, the erection of lights on the astroturf, and the acquisition of moveable seating stands.

In the upcoming year, our Sports Department is poised for exciting advancements. Biokineticist Wayne Minnie has joined our campus, playing a crucial role in crafting high-performance programs for our athletes. With the addition of our cutting-edge gym, Club Zero, athletes now have convenient on-campus access to top-tier facilities.

To excel in school sports today, success demands more than just adaptability—it necessitates a proactive, forward-looking, and adaptable educational approach. Here, young women are not only encouraged to embrace uncertainty, capitalise on emerging opportunities, and confidently navigate their paths forward, but they’re also guided in honing their athletic skills, fostering teamwork, and developing resilience to thrive in the competitive realm of sports. In this dynamic environment, our athletes are empowered to not only excel on the field but also in their academic pursuits, preparing them for success both in sport and in life.



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