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beaulieu college

Beaulieu College believes that traditional education is complemented by innovative teaching methods which enable the pupils to think independently, communicate effectively and have confidence in themselves. The healthy, nurturing, attractive country ambience of the campus instills an awareness of and sensitivity towards both the community and the ecological environs. Professional, dynamic, enthusiastic and committed staff nurture each pupil as a whole person. High moral standards prevail through the encouragement of integrity, mutual respect, honesty, trust and self-discipline.

Pupils are recognised as individuals and taught to think creatively and critically, to analyse and explore situations, to arrive at informed opinions and to continually expand their own horizons. The development of self-confidence, understanding, tolerance and adaptation to change are fostered. Pupils are challenged to fulfill their potential in academic, sporting, social, artistic and spiritual spheres within a culture of teamwork and mutual reliance. Beaulieu College strives to send forth well-informed, educated young men and women with a balanced outlook on life, conversant with modern technology, respectful of the rights of others and who, in all things, have an unquenchable thirst for excellence.

Beaulieu CollegeBeaulieu College

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