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Hockey: Winners of the U17 Tops schools Tournament for Girls and Boys

Congratulations to all the winners of the Hockey tournament! Girls First place: Oranje Meisies 2nd place:Eunice 3rd place: Paarl Gimnasium Boys 1st place:Bishops 2nd place: SACS 3rd place: Hilton College  

Hockey: Paarl Gim’s Top Schools Tournament

Despite the COVID-19 restrictions that impacted school sport it is great news that Paarl Gim has been able to host their annual Top School...

Paarl Gym Netball Festival – Day 1 & 2 Results

Wonderful to see the Netball teams back on the courts after so long. After an exciting day of games played below are the results. Please send...

Hockey: Paarl Gim’s Top Schools Tournament for 2021

With school sport back in 2021 we are happy to announce that the best of the country's U14 and U16 teams will be back...

Hockey: Paarl Gim Top Schools Tournament – Update

Paarl Gim Top Schools Hockey Tournament 2020