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Historic Inaugural KDay Football Match: St Andrew’s College vs Graeme College

In an electrifying start to the historic inaugural KDay football derby, the U16A teams of St Andrew’s College and Graeme College set the tone for an unforgettable day of schoolboy football. St Andrew’s College U16A team displayed exceptional skill and teamwork, dominating the match and securing a comprehensive 5-1 victory over Graeme College.

The match kicked off with St Andrew’s showcasing their attacking prowess, pressing high and creating numerous scoring opportunities. Their relentless efforts paid off early as they opened the scoring with a beautifully crafted goal. As the game progressed, St Andrew’s maintained their intensity, netting four more goals with a blend of precision passing and clinical finishing.

Graeme College fought valiantly, managing to pull one back, but it was not enough to stem the tide of St Andrew’s attacking waves. The St Andrew’s U16A side’s cohesive play and disciplined defense ensured their dominance throughout the match, leaving Graeme College with little room to maneuver.

The much-anticipated 1st Team clash between St Andrew’s College and Graeme College lived up to its billing, offering a thrilling encounter that had fans on the edge of their seats. St Andrew’s College had a blistering start, racing to a 2-0 lead within the first half of the match. Their early goals were a testament to their strategic gameplay and swift counter-attacks, which caught the Graeme College defense off guard.

Despite the early setback, Graeme College demonstrated remarkable resilience and fought back with determination. They reorganised their defense and began to mount their own attacks, putting pressure on the St Andrew’s backline. However, the St Andrew’s College 1st Team remained composed.

The second half saw both teams battling intensely in midfield, with Graeme College striving to find a breakthrough. However, St Andrew’s College managed to maintain their composure and control, ensuring their early lead was carried through to the final whistle. The match ended with St Andrew’s College securing a well-deserved 2-0 victory, marking a historic win in the inaugural KDay football derby.

The inaugural KDay football derby between St Andrew’s College and Graeme College will be remembered for its high-quality football and spirited competition. Both matches highlighted the talent and sportsmanship of the young players, setting a strong foundation for future encounters. St Andrew’s College emerged victorious in both the U16A and 1st Team matches, demonstrating their prowess and setting the bar high for the annual KDay tradition.


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The stage was set for an unforgettable showdown last Saturday afternoon. KWeek has been a resounding success, culminating in an exhilarating rugby fixture that did not disappoint. St Andrew’s College hosted Kingswood College, PJ Olivier, and Nathaniel Nyaluza in what turned out to be a spectacular day of rugby.

Our St Andrew’s College teams have been diligently working to revive the proud tradition of rugby that has been synonymous with our school for many years. Their efforts were on full display this Saturday, showcasing fantastic running rugby and scoring some truly beautiful tries. We’re regaining our momentum.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the 1st XV match, which was a real nail-biter! Kingswood initially controlled possession, but St Andrew’s College struck first against the run of play when Guy Fraser crossed the line, with Ali de Kock converting the try. Kingswood responded swiftly with a converted try of their own. Undeterred, College stuck to their game plan and surprised Kingswood with their relentless attack. Julian Mapoore’s dazzling break up the left flank, culminating in Karabo van Heerden’s try in the corner, showcased our team’s resilience. Kingswood managed a penalty just before halftime, leaving the score at 12-10.

The second half was a fierce battle for possession and territory, with both teams creating opportunities but struggling to convert them. Kingswood eventually took the lead with a try from a scrum deep in College’s 22-meter area. With only 9 minutes left on the clock, Ali de Kock narrowed the gap to 2 points with a crucial penalty, making it 15-17 and setting the stage for a thrilling finish.

With just 4 minutes remaining, Kingswood seemed to seal the game with a try, but a missed kick kept St Andrew’s College’s hopes alive. In the final moments, our team showed incredible composure, forcing an error from Kingswood off the restart. In a stroke of brilliance, Ali de Kock executed a perfectly placed kick behind Kingswood’s defense, setting up Karabo van Heerden for a dramatic try. Ali then calmly converted, and the game ended in a thrilling 22-22 draw.

It was an outstanding KDay, and I extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone involved who made it possible. Behind every great event like this lies a tremendous amount of effort, and each person deserves recognition for contributing to such a memorable day of rugby.

Mr Jonny Mallett


1st XV –                22-22 drew

2nd XV –               48 – 22 won

3rd XV                    31 – 17 won

4th  XV                   29 – 19 won      PJ Olivier

U16A                    34 – 11 won

U16B                    24 – 12 won      Nathnal Nyaluza

U15A                    26 – 12 won

U15B                    12 – 0   won       PJ Olivier

U15C                    22 – 0 won

U14A                    36 – 0 won

U14B                    36 – 14 Lost      PJ Olivier

(All other matches vs Kingswood College)

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Hockey Report – 17 June 2024

The hockey fixture against local rivals Kingswood took place last Thursday. The day saw a full set of matches with riveting hockey being played. Well done to all boys who participated and supported throughout the day. The results were:

Under 14A won 7-0

Under 14B won 7-0

Under 16A won 3-0

Under 16B drew 2-2

Under 16C won 4-3

3rds won 7-0

2nds won 4-0

1st XI Report

Both teams started the K-Day derby match nervously and struggled to maintain possession in the early stages. As the nerves settled and the game opened up, opportunities were created at both ends of the field but neither team could capitalize. Early into the second half, St Andrew found their stride and scored two short corner goals in quick succession. Kingswood fought back valiantly, but the Four Squares defense held firm and saw out the 2-0 victory.

Sports report sent from St Andrews College Makhanda

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