Sports Report: Kearsney College Soccer

kearsney college soccer

Kearsney College lost to Westville Boys 1-2

The game began with both teams testing the other.  Westville worked the ball down the flank and took a shot at goal which Kearsney’s defence blocked, only for the ball to bounce to an open Westville striker who kicked it into the open far post.

The teams went into the break with Westville a single goal ahead. Thereafter, Kearsney put pressure on the Westville defence, but their goalkeeper Callum Thomson made save after save to keep his team in the lead.

A Westville defender handled the ball in the box, giving Kearsney captain John Eastes the opportunity to level the score 1-1.

Westville attacked down the flank and crossed the ball for their unmarked striker to put the ball into the open Kearsney net.

Both sides then went on the attack, entertaining the crowd with some excellent football, only for Kearsney to be awarded a penalty when a Westville defender kicked at a high ball, catching the Kearsney striker in the face.

This time the Westville keeper read the Kearsney penalty taker’s body language, going the right way and making a spectacular save at the end of the game to keep the score at 2-1 to Westville.

It was a thoroughly entertaining game which kept the crowd on the edge of their seats.

Sports report compiled by Sue Miles at Working Words.

Image: Kearsney 1st X1 captain John Eastes in the game against Westville.jpg

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