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Redhill School Hockey Players Shine in Southern Gauteng Selections

Several talented hockey players from Redhill School have been selected to represent Southern Gauteng at various Inter-Provincial Tournaments (IPTS) this year. This significant achievement underscores the dedication and passion these students have demonstrated in their sport.

The boys selected for the Southern Gauteng teams are:

Nekindra Reddy-U16A;  Drew Harrison-U16D;  Chris Murray-U18D;  Zuko Mtukushe-U18D

redhill sports news redhill sports news

redhill sports newsredhill sports news

The girls representing Southern Gauteng are:

Pia Aichinger, U16A Mazvita Kawisi, U16A Stella Alves, U16C

redhill sports newsredhill sports news

Executive Head Joseph Gerassi of Redhill School expressed his pride in the students’ accomplishments, stating, “It is incredibly rewarding to watch Redhill hockey continue to grow from strength to strength. Coupled with our outstanding coaches and our sport-specific conditioning in the school’s state-of-the-art high-performance centre, our students receive the best of the best when it comes to hockey at Redhill School.”

The success of these students reflects the high standards of coaching and training at Redhill School. The institution’s commitment to providing top-tier facilities and support has clearly paid off, as evidenced by these selections.

As the selected players prepare to compete in their respective tournaments, the Redhill community and broader sports enthusiasts will be watching their progress with great interest. The school extends its best wishes to all the players, confident that they will make their mark and represent their school with distinction.

Reports sent from Redhill School.

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