Sports News: Cannons Creek Independent School

cannons creek


Cannons Creek Independent High School faced fierce competition on Friday 17 May and Saturday 18 May against worthy competitors, Table View High. All the matches were closely contested, providing exciting nail-biting experiences for the spectators. The scores were as follows:

U14 boys lost 1-0

U16 boys lost 2-1

U19 boys lost 1-0

cannons creek

Congratulations to three Hockey players from Cannons Creek Independent School who were selected to represent various Western Province teams. Seen here are: Stella Melunsky (Grade 8) – South Zone U14 (NTR), Casey Laver (Grade 7) – Western Province U13A, and Georgie Crede (Grade 8) – South Zone U14.

Sports report send from Cannons Creek Independent School.

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