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SSISA Offers a Certificate in Fitness

The Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA) aims to provide internationally recognised sports science services, programmes, teaching and research to all. In 2022 we are building on our learning options by adding a fully online alternative to our already successful campus based (Cape Town only) and distance learning Certificate in Fitness. Our online qualification in personal training is largely unstructured self-paced learning delivered in four study blocks. The student will have 18-months to complete all study blocks. The learning is achieved through interactive online content delivery, demonstration videos and lectures and online assessments.

This modality of learning differs from our distance learning option which enables the student to learn the same innovative and contemporary content but by following a structured programme containing scheduled time for study, virtual lecturers and formative and summative assessment. The distance learning student enjoys the opportunity of engaging with the SSISA tutor or guest lecturers through real-time Zoom lectures and practical demonstration

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