School Feature: Michaelhouse


Michaelhouse offers a unique full boarding experience for boys.

On the cusp of our 125th year, Michaelhouse has established a unique ethos dedicated to holism. In
an era where schools are marked by their focus on just a single area of endeavor – academic,
sporting, or cultural – Michaelhouse remains committed to its founder’s vision: to make not
accountants, not clerks, not clergymen, but men; men of understanding, thoughts and culture.”
It is our belief that a boy’s time at senior school is as much about discovering his niche in life as
having the freedom, opportunity and encouragement to explore it and become the best that he can
be. The school’s campus offers an environment rich in time and facilities allowing the unique
potential of each boy to emerge and thrive. Parents of any teenage boy know that the challenge
doesn’t lie in creating energy, the trick is to channel it; and the availability of a fully resident staff
compliment dedicated to encouraging boys to make the best use of the time and world-class
facilities constantly available to them, is just one aspect which sets Michaelhouse apart.
At the heart of the boarding experience is an incredible sense of belonging; a sense of inclusion
which encourages fully rounded and confident individuals to emerge from the safety of a shared
identity. It is the development of close, life-long friendships that is one of the most extraordinary
aspects of life at Michaelhouse. At a time in their lives when boys begin to seek independence and
are insatiably curious, the safety of common ground provides a safe harbor from which to embark
on voyages of self-discovery.
This unique educational environment offers a safe, first-class all-round education based on sound
values and self-discipline. Teachers and coaches who are freely available and who have high
expectations of the boys and are familiar with their ambitions, fears, personal challenges and daily
contexts, are better equipped to guide and encourage them in igniting their enthusiasm and
developing useful, lifelong habits.
The stronger sense of community which exists in boarding schools counters recent social trends
where teenagers in particular have become more self-obsessed. Michaelhouse requires of its boys
that they become more civic-minded and aware of community.
Boarding schools can offer a wider range of extra-curricular opportunities than mixed or day-schools
are able to, as use of time at Michaelhouse is different to the constraints experienced by other
schools. With staff and boys all fully resident, and with time, opportunity, and facilities all readily
accessible, every minute of the day is productive. Daily routines are designed to encourage and
allow boys to expand their involvement and interest beyond individual focus on just academics,
sport, music, art, drama, community involvement, spiritual growth, or just time out reading a book
or gazing at the uninterrupted horizon; ensuring a more open and balanced world view, which is
informed and shared daily with boys from 18 countries around the world.
Applications for a place in Grade 8 in 2022 are now open, and can be made quickly and easily on the
school’s website ( Join us for our 2022 open day on
Saturday afternoon, 17 October. For more information contact Cathy on [email protected]