Cricket: Fasken St David’s Time Cricket Festival Fixtures

st peters cricket

The Fasken St Davids Inanda Cricket festival starts 1st September and runs till the 4th September.

A few words from the Director of Cricket Dave Nosworthy:

Time Cricket’ is without a doubt the real breeding ground for all future young cricketers and is a format that seriously tests all cricketers both mentally and physically. In the world of cricket, most current and past world class or international ‘limited overs’ playing cricketers, have been brought up and have established themselves as top cricketers by honing their skills in the game of ‘Time Cricket’.

To all the Cricketers participating in the 2022 Fasken Time Cricket Festival, embrace and enjoy the opportunities to challenge yourself both mentally and physically. The format will definitely stand you in excellent stead in time to come, as it will prepare you for bigger and better things once the season starts and even beyond. Play the game hard but in the right spirit by ensuring that no one cricketer is ever bigger than the game – and understand that in this format there will be times that one needs to be prepared ‘to lose – in order to win’.

Fixtures below and live streaming on the Super sport schools app.


st peters cricket

st peters cricket