Swimtronics manufacturers locally a wide range of products used in the Competitive Swimming Arena. This includes Anti-turbulent (or anti-ripple) Swimming Lanes, Storage Drums for Lanes, Starting Blocks, Waterpolo Goals, Pace Clocks, Backstroke Poles and Flags, False Start Systems, Swimming Pool Ladders, Swimming Lane Anchors and a range of Swimming Pool Accessories.

Swimming: All on deck equipment. Timing Systems. Start Systems. Scoreboards.

Waterpolo: Waterpolo Goals. Ball Release System. Shot Clocks and Scoreboards.

Athletics: Track and Field Equipment. Scoreboards. Timing Equipment.

Scoreboards for Soccer, Cricket, Netball, Hockey, Rugby, Tennis.

Road Runner Track Timing System

The Road Runner wireless timing system provides a cost-effective solution for timing track, cross country, and other types of racing competitions. The Road Runner system utilizes patented technology to deliver automated timing performance at a manual system price for maximum value. Never before has this level of functionality and accuracy been available in an entry level timing system.

The system uses individual stopwatch style timers that are synchronized by a starter device to minimize errors and simplify operation. The starter can be operated manually or with an external input and eliminates the need for the finish line timing officials to detect the start of the event. Data from the timers can be transferred in real time to the meet management application or stored in the timers for later retrieval.

System Features

  • Synchronized timers eliminate start errors
  • Real time updates for event times
  • Completely wireless operation
  • Support for cross country and track
  • Saves time and reduces errors
  • No manual data entry for times required
  • Automatic data transfer to meet management
  • Extended wireless range
  • Easy set up and operate
  • Integrates with MeetPro, RunScore, Racetab, and Hy-Tek

Starter Features

  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Live messages from the meet manager
  • Event and heat information sent to timers
  • Large graphical display
  • Event information display
  • Long battery life

Timer Features

  • Large graphical display
  • Extensive memory for event time storage
  • Support for backup times in cross country
  • Easy operation
  • No paper rolls required
  • Up to 10 splits per race for lane timers
  • Not physically tethered to a central unit
  • Long battery life


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