St. Henry’s College


From the early days when the sports calendar offered just rugby, cricket and swimming, the range of sports codes has widened significantly. Both individual and team sports provide opportunities to develop ability, talent and camaraderie within a co-educational environment.

Over the decades, a significant number of present pupils and alumni have taken the skills learnt on the playing fields of the College to competition in wider arenas and have earned their provincial and national colours. There have been St Henry’s pupils who have celebrated their expertise at the highest levels.

The boys at St Henry’s have a good number of sports from which to choose: Cricket, Rugby, Rugby Sevens, Water Polo, Swimming, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, Athletics, Cross Country, Hockey, Surfing and Softball and the girls have the choice of Hockey (both Indoor and Field), Netball and Action Netball, Tennis, Soccer, Water Polo, Swimming, Softball, Cross Country, Golf, Surfing and Athletics. St Henry’s is renowned for its discipline,  professionalism and competitive spirit in all these disciplines.