Trinityhouse seeks to retain traditional values while preparing its pupils for an ever-changing world. The recipe of following time-honoured traditions has been very successful and Trinityhouse is recognised for the excellent contributions it makes in every sphere of education.
 At Trinityhouse we are aware that we are preparing our pupils to move into a world of work that will be defined by jobs that don’t currently exist, using technologies that haven’t been invented, to solve problems that are not problems yet.
The Fourth Industrial Revolution will have brought with it advanced automated robotic processes and autonomous transport, as well as advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, uses of advanced materials, biotechnology and genomics.
These developments will transform the way we live, and the way we work.
As stated by Harvard University; “Put simply, preparing our students to participate fully in today’s and tomorrow’s world, demands that we nurture their global competencies.”
After extensive research, conversations and exploration of global educational approaches to these evolving work place requirements, Trinityhouse defined the Global Competencies we would strive to develop from Pre-Primary children through to matriculants.
Five Core Global Competencies have been identified as:
  • Thinking Skills (Critical, Creative and Reflective Thinking)
  • Research Skills (Inquiry learning and Media Literacy)
  • Communication Skills (Participating in discussions/Sharing of understandings)
  • Social Skills (Collaborating with others/ Learning how to interact with others)
  • Self-Management Skills (Reflection, Growth Mindset, Self-Regulation)
As Trinityhouse continues to explore and expand our approaches to teaching and learning, the Core Skills as global competencies, continue to be a fundamental curriculum component included across all disciplines, for all pupils of all ages.
All Trinityhouse staff are engaged in regular training the purpose of which is finding authentic connections within their subjects, to develop these skills in a variety of contexts.
We offer a wide range of sports at our school. We do, however, put an emphasis on team sports. We believe it is vital for our pupils to be able to put the team above the individual. It is our passion for sport and the ability to keep competing that distinguishes Trinityhouse Randpark Ridge from other offerings. We aim to instill values of sportsmanship, humility and the desire to succeed, in all our pupils. Our facilities are of a high standard and we consider ourselves a truly blessed school.
Sports offering: Athletics, Chess, Mini Cricket, Cricket, Cross Country, Soccer, Equestrian, Mini Netball, Netball, Rugby, Softball, T-ball, Tennis, Swimming, Hockey, Open Water Swimming
Sports facilities: Hockey Astro Turf, Netball and Tennis courts, Heated Swimming pool, Rugby and Cricket fields
 23 Knoppiesdoring St, Randpark Ridge, Randburg, 2169
Phone: 011 794 4799


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