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gym africa

At Gym Africa we have built our business based on two key principals, Quality Products and Quality People. We provide excellent products and value for money with industry leading expertise.  Gym Africa has carefully selected the manufacturers to partner and we regularly monitor quality control.  We know how important providing the right equipment to a gym equipment user is and continually strive to provide the correct product with the required high level of after sales service.  We also manufacture locally to ensure support for local people and reduce our carbon footprint and this is a growth focus for us.

Gym Africa supplies and services ‘Indoor and Outdoor Gym Equipment’ designed and manufactured for the full range of gym equipment users, from home through to full commercial facilities, including schools and high performance centres.   Our team has a combined history in this industry of many years and all are always happy to advise, assist and ensure the right solution is attained.

Enquiries: [email protected]