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Monday, 29 April 2013 09:57

RUGBY: Outeniqua v Gimmies- "The Juggernaut Halted"

Written by  Deon de Waal

To paraphrase the words of Julius Ceasar, they came, they saw and they conquered. The Outeniqua unstoppable force met an immovable object from Paarl on Saturday and the object did not move. In fact it actually pushed back.


outvgimmiesPaarl Gim came to George and beat Outeniqua 37-25. Some will call it an upset but I am not sure that it was. This is a powerful Gim side and I predicted that the side that won this game would go unbeaten this year. I think after seeing the game on Saturday I am prepared to stand by that. Time will tell.

The win was set up by two main things I believe. Firstly the Gim, loose trio were brilliant and operated as a unit with the result that they overshadowed their Outeniqua counterpoints and Jacques Vermeulen (PG 7) was an easy choice for man of the match because of this. The second thing was that the result of this superiority in the loose created the platform for Gim to put pressure on the Outeniqua team throughout the game. The result of this pressure was that the Outeniqua side made uncharacteristic mistakes, knocking on a number of times, and also their backs were just not allowed the space to work their magic. Apart from a few pieces of individual brilliance there was little of the Outeniqua jigga-jigga on display. The pieces of individual brilliance led to both of Leighton “Soda” Eksteen’s (14) tries. One a solo effort and the other through a break by Dewald “Japie” Human (10).

Up front there was interestingly parity and both sides won all their own scrums. The Lineouts however were another story. With two of the tallest locks in South African Schoolboy rugby one expected there would be a titanic struggle, but it seemed that both teams were trying to out think their opposition. Inittially neither threw to their main jumpers, JD Schickerling for Paarl and Eduard Zandberg for Outeniqua, but rather opted for other tactics. In the second half for instance Paarl was throwing to the back for Johan Momsen (4) in shortened lineouts and Outeniqua throwing to the front for Zandberg but he was stepping forward and taking it at chest height. It must be said that on the count Outeniqua lost less of their own lineouts than Paarl and so probably shaded this area.

Dian Koen (8)of Outeniqua again had a storming game and that battle between him and Rikus Bothma (8) was great. Koen’s powerful runs always win ground but the great work Paarl did in the loose meant that he was on occaision isolated and the turn over occurred.

A brilliant tactic that Paarl employed was that off the set scrums their scrumhalf, Brendon Nel, would receive the ball from Bothma (8) who had picked it up from the base. Nel would then run a little laterally before straightening and this was a tactic that Outeniqua seemed not to be able to stop. They did this repeatedly moving to their right and the resultant play seemed to gain them ground everytime.

To the backs and both 10’s had good games but it was in the centres where things were interesting. Outeniqua had their centres continuously swapping inside and outside throughout the game. This was probably designed to change up the confrontations between Warrick “Boogey” Gelant (OHS 12) and Ryan Oosthuizen (PG 12). Gelant was, it must be said, a little of his usual brilliance uncharacteristically missing a few kicks and he seemed not to be given any ball and one wonders whether this was by circumstance or design? Oosthuizen on the other hand had a great game and controlled the Gim backline throughout on both attack and defence. His try was an intercept ala Jean de Villiers and although scored near the end of the game, where things were pretty much decided, still involved great timing.

Paarl Gim did seem to concentrate on attacking the righthand side of the field as was mentioned and it did seem to pay off as the majority of their points were scored there.

All in all, a big win for Paarl Gim and all things considered the likelihood of the two teams meeting in the Burger Final later in the year must be very good. One can hope this will be the case as what a game that will be!

On to Wilderklawer!!


For Outeniqua:

Tries: Leighton Eksteen 2, Duhan van der Merwe

Con: Warrick Gelant 2

Pens: Warrick Gelant 2

For Paarl Gim:

Tires; Brendon Nell, Jacques Vermeulen 2, Rikus Bothma, Ryan Oosthuizen

Cons: Wyatt Murphy: 3

Pens: Wyatt Murphy: 2

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