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Monday, 28 July 2014 09:15

Rugby: Quotas or No Quotas in SA School's Team?

It seems that controversy regarding quotas in sport has no boundaries with school sport and in particularly school rugby being highlighted as a sport where strict quotas have been implemented.

 school rugby quotasThe Afrikaans Sunday Newspaper, Rapport, reported over the weekend that at least half of the yet to be announced South African School’s Rugby team, will include black, coloured or Indian players.

Rapport stated that SARU’s general manager, Mervyn Green, had mentioned during Craven Week that selectors had been told that half the team had to be made up of players of colour. This would be the first time that there would have been an official enforcement of quotas at school level.

However SARU has been quick to retort these claims with SARU CEO, Jurie Roux, saying that “SARU had not issued any instruction to the selectors of the SA Schools Team on the number of players to be selected from different race groups.”

Roux went on to explain that as far as SARU were concerned, “there is more than enough black talent to achieve a higher representation of generic black players, even to the levels of 50%.”

It is a pity that school players who look towards at being selected in the SA Schools team as the pinnacle of their school careers and a stepping stone to a professional career in the sport, now having to carry the burden of proving to some that their selection is justified of talent.

The SA School’s final 28 player team will soon be chosen to play in three test matches against England, France and Wales where they will represent the country and hopefully will be supported by all who watch them.

What are your views on what has been reported and how SARU has responded? Is there fire where there is smoke or just a malicious rumour? Post your comment below.