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“There is a spell upon this hill and heath; one never tires of it and it never comes twice upon one in the same aspect.”  - Sir John Herschel upon seeing W ynberg Hill, the location of Wynberg Boys' High.Indeed it has been a while since we have been spellbound by the quality of rugby produced by the boys from Lovers' Walk.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009 20:41


“Oops I rolled it again!" The sports fields on a Saturday morning are littered with many a kid hobbling to the side line having just “rolled” his ankle. Many a time you may be encouraged to just hobble back onto the field and try carry on playing.We look deeper into the occurrence of ankle injuries and how one can try preventing the injuries from occurring.

Monday, 23 March 2015 00:00

Minimum Strength Requirements for Rugby


Being involved in fitness, the medical field and rugby, I often get asked by playes and coaches alike for some kind of gym programme to increase the size and strength of players in order to improve both individual and team performances as a whole. Generally my answer is always... GET FIT and get your skills right. Thereafter I advise them to get their joints (knees, shoulders, ankles, necks and backs) as strong and resilient to injuries as possible.

Friday, 17 April 2009 22:11

Fat Busting...muscle crunching!

The ultimate fat busting... muscle crunching...summer workout

Its summer, it’s hot and the last thing you feel like doing is going to a foul smelling sweaty gym full of testosterone juiced guys who can’t stop staring at their guns in the mirror. However you still feel the urge to get an intense muscle building workout! Well I’ve got the answer…..

Take your workout outdoors!

Sunday, 05 April 2009 17:59

Kettle Bells for Conditioning

It’s the Rugger season and you need balls of iron...bring on the  Russian Kettlebells………….

 kettle It’s that time of the year again where the pre-season jitters are fluttering around the locker room as the rugby season gets set to begin. Boys are talking of getting the latest, mostly brightly coloured boots, so at least if they don’t score a try, mom will still know which rugby field they are playing on. However the most over looked aspect before starting the rugby season is gym conditioning and fitness. I know a lot of boys leave it too late to hit the gym to do fitness or weights, with the attitude that they will get fitter once they start playing or “harden up” as the season progresses.

I was sitting at my computer thinking of a catchy way to commence this article when it struck me that no matter how boring the opening lines were if you have any love for South African schoolboy rugby you will want to read on.

Monday, 25 May 2009 22:50

Westville - SA's Undefeated Swimmers



For the second year in a row Westville Boy’s High have swum their hearts out and ended the 2009 season unbeatable in every gala that they competed in.  It is an impressive record that encompasses a variety of disciplines in the water and across all age groups. From winning the KZN Top 10 Gala where they broke 11 records to winning the schools section of the Midmar Mile for an astonishing 15th year with 4 WBHS swimmers finishing in the Mens top 20. With such depth in their swimming team they have been able in recent years to have had Chad Ho swimming at the 2008 Olympics as well as Chad le Clos and Leith Shankland winning gold medals at the Commonwealth Youth Games and World Youth Games respectively.

Friday, 20 March 2009 15:28

Cameron Delport - Westville Cricketer

cameron delportAt times the avid cricket fan may look at the national side and wonder if South Africa has any talent in its junior ranks to one day replace the current players who represent the country at the highest level. It is pleasing to know though that there is a crop of young cricketers who in a short space of time may very well be emulating the Graeme Smiths’ or even the Kevin Pietersens’ of the cricketing world.

doug watson

Boasting 14 years of experience gained in over 130 first class matches, Doug Watson has established himself as one of South Africa’s most respected and enduring cricketers over the years. Realising that there is no substituent for experience Westville Boy’s High have enlisted the Dolphins stalwart to coach their First XI for the coming seasons and School Sport- The Magazine spoke to Doug about this new challenge of honing the skills of Westville’s aspiring cricketers.


The game of water polo originated as a form of rugby football played in rivers and lakes in England and Scotland with a ball constructed of Indian rubber. This "water rugby" came to be called "water polo" based on the English pronunciation of the Balti word for ball, pulu. Men's water polo at the Olympics was among the first team sports introduced at the 1900 games, along with cricket, rugby, football (soccer), polo (with horses), rowing, and tug of war. However woman had to wait 100 years before they would compete in this sport at the Olympics when for the first time water polo became an Olympic sport for woman at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.