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Thursday, 22 March 2012 08:11

Hockey: Selborne College To Host Top Festival

SELBORNE College in East London will play host to the fifth Nomads Hockey Festival, which features top-tier schoolboy first teams from around the country, from next Friday, March 30 to Sunday, April 1.

selborne hockeyThe participating first hockey teams at Selborne are the nine core Nomads schools plus the invited guest school, South African College Schools, commonly known as SACS, from Cape Town.

The nine core Nomads hockey schools are Selborne, Grey College, Grey High School, Hilton College, Jeppe Boys’ High, King Edward VII School (KES), Maritzburg College, Pretoria Boys’ High School (PBHS) and Wynberg Boys’ High, the latter having been admitted as the ninth core school in 2012.

The Nomads movement arose out of the desire of schools which had participated in the old Ascension festivals (North and South) to create a new festival of a more national character. It was felt by some that the existing events had lost some of their lustre and needed a boost and re-structuring.

The catalyst for change was a period during which a number of one-off festivals were hosted by schools celebrating anniversaries: Grey College in 2005, Grey High School in 2006, and Selborne College in 2007. These events were attended by most of the top hockey schools in the country and produced competition at a higher level than was being seen at Ascension festivals.

During the 2007 festival at Selborne, eight of these schools took a decision to form a new event - Nomads - to be held not only at first team level (U18), but for U16 and U14 age-groups as well. Each year, three member schools would host one of the three Nomads festivals.

All Nomads festivals consist of either 10 or 12 teams, depending on the facilities available. The host school has the right to invite schools of their choice as guests to make up the full complement of teams.

Previous U18 Nomads festivals have been held at KES in 2008, PBHS in 2009, Grey College in 2010 and Grey High School in 2011.


Day 1 – Friday 30 March

08h00   Grey College v Jeppe   


09h05   Maritzburg College v Wynberg   

10h10   Grey HS v SACS

11h15   KES v Hilton

12h20   Selborne v Pretoria BHS

13h25   Grey College v Wynberg

14h30   Jeppe v Maritzburg College

15h35   Grey HS v KES

16h40   Hilton v Pretoria BHS

17h45   Selborne v SACS


Day 2 – Saturday 31 March

08h00   Pretoria BHS v Wynberg

09h05   Grey College v KES

10h10   SACS v Hilton

11h15   Selborne v Jeppe

12h20   Grey HS v Maritzburg College

13h25   Wynberg v KES

14h30   SACS v Pretoria BHS

15h35   Grey College v Hilton

16h40   Selborne v Maritzburg College

17h45   Grey HS v Jeppe


Day 3 – Sunday 1 April

08h00    SACS v KES

09h05    Grey HS v Pretoria BHS 

10h10    Grey College v Maritzburg College

11h15    Selborne v Wynberg

12h20    Jeppe v Hilton

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