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Thursday, 04 May 2017 09:22

Hockey: FNB Private Wealth Super 12 Tournament 2017

As you are well aware of, Meisieskool Oranje hosts the yearly prestigious annual Super 12 under 18 Girls Hockey Tournament.

We always strive to improve to present a prestigious tournament, which will entitle the best teams to compete and perform at optimum level.

Therefore we decided to amend certain criteria to achieve this goal.

The rankings of the previous year, as published by SA SCHOOL SPORTS MAGAZINE, were historically taken into account and subsequently used to invite teams to participate in the tournament.

Due to the fact that a team’s competitiveness varies on a yearly basis, the organizers have decided to amend the criteria for qualification to be invited to the tournament.

From 2017, and until further notice, the criteria to qualify to be invited will be applied by the Tournament Committee as follows:

  1. Official Rankings of SA Schoolsports Magazine ONLINE will be used to invite teams.
  2. The official ranking date used will be as at 24:00 on 31 May 2017.
  3. To qualify a team has to play at least 15 games, of which the scores were submitted to SA School Sports Magazine. ( )
  4. The scores of ALL games played since 1 January 2017 must be submitted to SA School Sports Magazine, to qualify. Proof of such must be available on request.
  5. Only teams ranked no 1- 10 on the SA School Sports Magazine ranking as mentioned above, automatically qualify to be invited. This is subject to all Tournament criteria being adhered to.
  6. Should any of the mentioned 10 teams not be able to participate, the 11th or 12th team etc. automatically qualify to be invited.
  7. The Tournament committee has the discretionary prerogative to invite any 2 other teams to participate in the tournament in the absolute discretion of the Tournament committee. No correspondence will be entered into regarding this aspect and will the decision be regarded as final.
  8. A team may only have a maximum of 16 players.

The 2017 tournament will D.V be hosted from 9- 12 August 2017. Please save the date and we are looking forward to a great tournament next year.

Enjoy the festive season and we hope you will all have a wonderful new year!