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Sunday, 06 October 2013 19:58

The Glenwood Premier League

The Glenwood Premier League

The Glenwood Premier League is a new concept created by Glenwood High School to ensure that the boys in lower teams in their respective age groups are still enthralled by the great game of cricket and its competitiveness. Not many schools can match Glenwood High Schools, who can put out 32 teams every week, and have these schools provide fixtures for us. This means that the lower teams will often only play 3 or 4 games a year. The G.P.L. ensures that boys play competitive games week in, and week out, thus ensuring a number of factors such as: keeping the boys busy on the sports field instead of being bored at home, ensuring basic fitness and development of a boys motor skills, allowing everyone to enjoy the thrill of playing a tournament and winning a trophy, keeping boys interested in the game of cricket, bettering player ability and thus strengthening Glenwood cricket in the long run, as well as many other benefits! My wish is for the boys to play for their same team and create an identity to their side, and eventually talk at Old Boys Dinners about winning the G.P.L.! Each player will play with an arm band with the logo and name of the specific team as to create a league effect. The teams are the Green Warriors (U14I), Green Knights (U14J), Green Samurais (U14K), Black Spartans (U15E), Black Rebels (U15F), Red Outlaws (U15G), Yellow Warriors ( U16D), Red Knights (U16E), Yellow Outlaws (5th XI) and Team Gripless (6th XI and our rugby training squad). Good luck to everyone, and may the best team win! Yours in cricket: Mr RC Webber (MiC of Cricket)”

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